Failure to Start? What's Next?

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Your motor fails to start. What immediate actions do you take when a motor trips on start-up? From a reliability standpoint a variety of possibilities and questions come to mind that may help you decide which direction to take. Was it an instantaneous trip on In-Rush or a time delay trip later in the Start-Up? If instantaneous, is it a stator fault or a nuisance trip? If it's a delayed trip, is it load driven or a rotor anomaly? Oh, and how many times did the operator try to start the motor? Just clamping on an ammeter to see what the current reading is when it trips will not give you the whole story. Looking at the trend of your RMS envelop current signal and comparing it to the raw time domain of the current is ideal.Access to these values and plots, along with previously recorded In-Rush/Start-Up tests will give you the information necessary to make the right decisions for a quick return to productivity.

To see a detailed case study on a critical motor failing to start go to:


Thanks to our friends at PdMA for this tip.

Welcome Joe Wagner, Reliability Specialist

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Joe Wagner

We are pleased to announce that Joe Wagner has joined the Company as an Outside Sales Reliability Specialist based in Decatur.  Joe comes to us after spending the last 22 years in the construction industry, most recently serving as a Superintendent for A-Lert Construction in Decatur. Joe will work with current and prospective customers in a variety of industries that we serve. Connect with Joe on LinkedIn. 

Meet Mike Scott: Manager, Mt. Vernon Electric

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Mike has been with the company for 36 years. During that time, he has worked in various positions. He is a very hands on manager and enjoys helping customers solve their motor problems and looks forward to every new challenge.
Mike and his wife Marcia live on the family farm and he likes to work around the farm and with his cows in his down time.  You can also find him assisting with the local Ruritan Club breakfasts and an occasional FFA judging for the high school.

Siemens AboveNEMA Innovative Motor Facility

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As the world’s leading provider of motors for more than 100 years you need to be bold, to evolve, to innovate, to meet customer’s needs the moment they arise. It takes ingenuity – and every day at Siemens Norwood, they bring to life high quality products and services to customers around the world.

Take a few minutes to watch this video showcasing work behind the scenes at Siemens Norwood, OH facility. 

Listening when your Equipment Speaks to You

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Do you listen to your motors complaining about overload? Do you see your pump packings crying a flood? Do you hear you bearings whine about contaminated lubricants? Do you notice your steam system that coughs excessive condensate and it’s complains about strained elbows?

There are two types of people in mills. There are people who notice when equipment show signs of distress, and people who don’t. We often call people who don’t see the signs of distress in equipment for “mill blind” people. The mill blindness may not be intentional, but rather a product of being so used to the environment that poor equipment condition just isn’t noticed. Let us supply you with a small informal “mil blindness test for you.

Below are a few examples of “mill blindness” we often see in pulp and paper mills. Most of you have at some point seen these equipment problems before, but ask yourself, are we accepting these conditions or are the problems corrected in our mill?

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