Reliability Tip: On-Site Electrical Testing

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There are various technologies that can test a motor while running, including: 

  • Vibration
  • Infrared
  • Ultra sound (UT)
  • PdMA On-line, MCE EP1000/EXP4000
  • Dranetz - On-line continuous motor

Curious on how often you should test?
On-line testing with motor relays is a continuous 24/7 device.
Off-line testing frequency will depend on the atmosphere the equipment is in. It can be done more often if tracking a deterioration situation. 

  • Air conditioning -1 X a year
  • Typical seasonal conditions (humid in summer/dry in winter) - 2 X a year

How do we know when the stator is going to fail? To find out what is going on with the stator, Decatur Industrial offers offline condition monitoring which does resistance to ground, phase to phase resistance, and polarization index.

Employee Spotlight: Meet Fred Roth, Director of Strategic Accounts

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Fred has been in the motor repair business for most of his adult life - 46 years to be exact. He started out in 1971 by learning all aspects of the motor repair business. He will tell you there is no job he hasn't done in this business (even cleaning the bathrooms when he first started out!).  Fred enjoys working with the D.I.E. Account managers in order to bring solutions to our customers. When he's not working, Fred and his wife Lisa enjoy traveling and spending time with their adopted beagle, Stella!  Connect with Fred on LinkedIn.

Hiring: Part-Time Class C or CDL Driver

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Not interested in sitting behind a desk all day?

Decatur Industrial Electric is looking for a part-time Class C or CDL driver to make on-time pick up and deliveries.

Some of your other responsibilities may include:

-          Light mechanical work

-          Freight loading and unloading

-          And stocking inventory

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How the wrong motor drawings almost cost this Cement Company $15,000

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A cement company recently learned how costly it can be when a manufacturer is not supplied with the correct motor drawings. Unfortunately, it’s a common and preventable mistake.
This particular customer had ordered a custom base upon which to mount a Flender gear reducer and 250hp electric motor.  Unfortunately, the base was manufactured with the wrong motor design drawing, so the new base this customer received did not work. It is unknown how the wrong motor drawing was supplied, but the customer did know they had a serious problem and they needed to start production.
At this time, Decatur Industrial was engaged in the project and helped to find the error. The manufacturer said a new base could be made over several weeks and for an additional $15,000. Plus, the motor and gearbox were 360 feet off the ground, which would have required extensive man hours and crane costs.
After Decatur Industrial’s team reviewed the equipment, the mounting base, and the application; we found a speedy and great solution! 
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