Farewell to Norm!

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Today we say goodbye to Norm Clem after 18 years of faithful service.  We thank you for your time at Decatur Industrial Electric and wish you a happy and healthy retirement!

D.I.E-News, Issue 1

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Product of the Month

As many of us know, grain storage and processing facilities in our country have experienced many challenges in recent years.  Following this link you will find a document from Siemens Industry offering comprehensive solutions from power distribution to accurate production measurement for your site.  Contact your Decatur Industrial Electric Account Manager at 1-800-258-1598 to discuss your needs. The opportunity to go over any or all pieces of this overview and solution offering with you is appreciated! "For the Love of Grain"


Service of the Month

Storage of Electrical Motors

How are you storing your Electric Motors? Have you had issues with motors that are stored in your facility? Have you experienced poor meg readings and/or bearing issues? Siemens has a good reference for you with these important assets. Siemens Reference.  Here are some tips for keeping your motors running optimally:

1.       If your motor is in an ambient above 140ºF, it should be in an enclosed ventilated area.

2.       Does the temperature of your motor get below an ambient below 40ºF?  Heaters should be installed and energized.

3.       Is the area your motor is in experiencing  large swings in temperatures? You could be collecting moisture.  

4.       Rotate shafts bi-monthly.

5.       Megger motors bi-yearly.

6.       Grease ball bearing motors yearly.

7.       Sleeve Bearing motors: Install oil while in storage and drain when moving.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call your Account Manager, or call 800/252-1598.

Decatur Industrial Electric offers storage for motors and the staging of new motors for projects!