Motor Testing Tip: Leading and Lagging Indicators

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Leading indicators are those that occur early in the P-F curve while lagging indicators occur later in the failure cycle. Both are key indicators, but it is important to know which one you are dealing with to better diagnose the severity of the situation.
Phase resistance, like infrared thermography, is a leading indicator of power circuit anomalies. Performed at proper intervals you would expect the resistance imbalance to identify early stages of a power circuit high resistance connection. At early stages the effect of a high resistance connection on the motor is minimal and only localized heating occurs. At later stages the current through the affected phase changes resulting in circulating currents in the motor. These circulating currents cause elevated temperatures that may reduce the life expectancy of the insulation system.
Finally, both indicators being on the P-F curve doesn't mean you have to wait to get to the lagging indicators to make a decision. The general rule of thumb is that the earlier you can correct these issues, without affecting production, the less expensive the repair.
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Electric Motors in Bicycles

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Cheating in the sport of cycling has reached a “mind-blowing” new level, says 60 Minutes’ Bill Whitaker. There’s evidence that some professional riders are using bikes rigged with small, secret motors during races, a practice known in Europe as “motor-doping. 

Whitaker and a team of 60 Minutes producers went to Budapest to meet Istvan Varjas, the engineer who says he invented the tiny bike motor, which he says has been used surreptitiously in the Tour de France.

The motor can be activated in several different ways: The rider can activate a secret switch on the handlebars, a partner can activate the system by wireless remote, or a heart-rate monitor worn by the rider can be programmed to automatically activate the motor when the rider’s heart rate rises to a certain level.

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Meet Greg Ferris

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Many of you may not recognize his face - but you will know his voice when you click to play the video. Greg has been with Decatur Industrial for over a quarter of a century! Yes, a long time! Greg is in charge of customer service and logistics. When not at work, Greg donates much of his time to AMBUCS, a national service organization that works to promote independence and mobility for children and adults with disabilities. He once served as National President. When he’s not at work or working for his service organization, he is an avid golfer.

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January Newsletter Released

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January 2017 Customer Newsletter
- Leading American Paper Company Saved $150K in Emergency Downtime
- Employee Spotlight: Greg Ferris, Customer Service and Logistics
- Gearbox Reliability and Best Practices
-  Save the Date: March 16 - Reliability Summit at Decatur Industrial Electric
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