Best Practice Gearbox Reliability

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Gearboxes have a tendency to be installed and left to run until oil is leaking excessively or until the unit starts to make weird noises.
Our Reliability Team has the ability to perform Reliability Asset Review of your critical gear units. The following are a few items that will be reviewed:
·        Manufacturer’s print, laying out parts with part numbers
·        Type of breather and changing intervals
·        Oil analysis and type of oil used
·        Greasing of seals and other greaseable bearings, if applicable
·        Visual internal inspection of unit
·        Vibration readings
·        Motor loading and performance
·        Coupling types and maintenance practices 
·        Alignment/soft-foot checks Storage procedures
Gearboxes with the appropriate care and maintenance can give your company many years of satisfactory performance.
Decatur Industrial Electric wants to partner with your company throughout your unit’s life through commissioning, maintenance PM, reliability PdM review and the repair/re-manufacturing process as needed.  As a Falk Rexnord Select Partner, a SEW Eurodrive Distributor, and a Siemens Flender Distributor, our team has the expertise to support your plants needs.

Venturi Resets Electric Vehicle Land-Speed Record at 341 MPH

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Venturi and OSU have reset the land-speed record for an electric vehicle at 341 mph. Monaco powertrain manufacturer Venturi and the Center for Automotive Research at Ohio State University have reset the land-speed record for an electric vehicle, pending FIA confirmation.

Earlier this week, Roger Schroer got behind the wheel of the 3,000 horsepower Venturi VBB-3 (Venturi Buckeye Bullet-3) and ran 341 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, measured over a one-mile run in both directions over a one-hour interval. The peak speed the car hit during the runs was 358 mph.

Click here to read the full article. 

Industry Leading Chemical Company Saves $200,000

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Customer:  An Industry Leading Chemical Company
The Situation:  This Customer bought two, 1500 HP compressors and the existing space that these two units were supposed to go into would not fit with the existing location of the motor junction box.  The motor and compressor were built and shipped on one skid plate.
The Work: Decatur Industrial reviewed the location of where the junction box currently existed to determine where the Customer would want it relocated on the skid. Safety was the driving force in determining a solution. It needed to be safely accessed by maintenance and use material that would be maintenance friendly as well.
The Solution: Decatur Industrial extended the leads on the motor and used flexible conduit to relocate the leads from the motor box to the back of the skid where the junction box had been moved. Using maintenance friendly materials, we fabricated a stand for the junction box and reconnected the leads to this location.
Cost Savings:  Without this result, the other choices would have been to replace the motor entirely or completely rewind it to relocate the leads. This saved the Customer approximately $200,000.
Contact a reliability specialist today to see how we can possibly do the same for you!

Rotor Problems?

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Example Inductance test of a rotor with anomalies

The Rotor Influence Check (RIC) is performed by rotating the rotor in specific increments (determined by the number of poles) over a single pole group, and recording the change in inductance measurements for each phase of the motor. Have you ever seen a Rotor Influence Check (RIC) that showed no sinusoidal activity and changes in rotor position resulted in only minor variations in inductance? If so, you may be looking at test results from a low influence rotor. Click here to learn more about low influence rotors.
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