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Understand Motor/System Baselines

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According to EASA’s technical experts, changes in motor/system vibration readings provide the best early warning of developing problems in a motor or system component. Other parameters to monitor may include operating temperature of critical components, mechanical tolerances, and overall system performance, including outputs such as flow rate, tonnage, and volume.

Motor-specific baselines incorporate records of electrical, mechanical, and vibration tests performed when units are placed in operation or before they’re put in storage. Ideally, baselines would be obtained for all new, repaired, and in situ motors, but this may not be practical for some applications. These baselines typically include some or all of the following:

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Advanced Electric Motor is Heart of UPS Fuel Cell Delivery Truck

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The Class 6 fuel cell delivery van UPS will begin testing late this summer using not only a unique hydrogen-powered electric drivetrain, but also an unusual type of electric motor.

Most electric-drive vehicles use motors that rely on permanent magnets and require single-speed “gear reduction” transmissions to harness the motor’s power.

UPS, however, has decided to try a “switched reluctance” motor that uses fewer parts and is less costly to manufacture than a permanent-magnet motor.

Additionally, a reluctance motor doesn’t need a transmission at all. Its power output can be regulated electronically through software designed to keep it operating in the most efficient modes under all types of loads, Michael Britt, head of UPS’ fuel cell vehicle development program, told Trucks.com.

“We think we can get more efficiency out of it,” Britt said.

The motor is manufactured by Nidec Motor Corp. to meet UPS’ specific needs. So-called reluctance motors typically are used for simpler applications than powering commercial trucks.

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Older, Wiser...and More Efficient?

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According to the Gallup Poll in January of 2015 only one-third of the baby boomers in the US were still working. Worse, the Star Tribune research finds that as older workers retire productivity slows due to the loss of senior working efficiency and influence on younger workers efficiency. If your facility is facing a similar retirement era, visit the PdMA website to read the latest article Tips for a Lean Approach to Motor Reliability.

Truck'n! Does it really matter how equipment is shipped?

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Open Drip Proof Motors After a Summer Storm

Why does our Company invest in air-ride suspension trucks, top quality tarps, and load securing devices? Because we care about the details!
Capital purchases of new equipment are great examples of how our organization strives to improve and build on our capabilities.  We spend an enormous amount of energy and time to specify just the right equipment to expand our businesses and we paralleled these efforts by accepting only proven machine designs that increase our reliability, so it is easy to imagine how satisfying it is to know we have done our part to ensure that our new incoming equipment brings reliability and value to our organizations.                      
One part of new equipment acquisition that often gets over looked is what we assume is a mundanely simple item such as the transportation of the equipment to facilities.  We know that we have invested all our efforts to get the best value from our purchase.  So now that all that struggle is over did we follow through on quality of our shipping, receiving, and installation?  Does it really make a difference? Absolutely.
We take this same reliability solutions approach to helping our customers make great business decisions for their capital investments everyday. Our team takes great pride in managing the details - even transportation and storage. This picture is of two Open-Drip Proof (ODP) designed motors that had just taken a ride through a strong summer storm in the Midwest that had not only strong winds coupled with a downpour, it had hail!  The storm was bad enough that the truck driver pulled off the road. ODP motors are designed to be just that - to operate in a drip proof environment.  Those environments are typically within clean climate controlled facilities. These motors, after experiencing the summer storm without a tarp, most likely will have issues internally due to the rainwater.  Will it effect the motors at start up or over time?  Who knows, but we do know it's not good and reliability is compromised. We are glad this shipment is not to us or one of our valued customers. 
Don't forget the details, such as proper transportation of your critical assets.  
~ Kent Henry, Decatur Industrial Electric