About Us - Focused on Quality, Reliability & Satisfaction.


Our Vision is to be the most admired and respected Company by our employees, customers, stock holders, and the communities we serve and value.


Our MISSION is to be “THE BEST” strategic partner in reliability solutions to customers by providing top quality world-class electro-mechanical products and services.  

We will accomplish this Mission by having the most technically talented professionals operating in the most focused customer driven climate, providing only the best and most proven materials, partnering with only top quality industry leading vendors, and by continually improving our business processes.  Adaptability, flexibility, speed, aggressiveness, and innovation are the key success factors that define our high performance efforts to be “THE BEST” reliability solution provider.  These objectives allow us to create sustainable competitive advantage by becoming a Strategic Partner delivering the greatest total value that enables our customers to be more productive, more competitive, and more profitable.


 All of our employees are empowered to “do whatever it takes” to affect the positive outcome of customers’ attitudes and preferences.  Each employee understands it is their primary responsibility to earn customer loyalty and provide total satisfaction with each and every transaction.

We are in the business of supplying problem solving products and services to our current and future customers.  Our products and services are secondary to our primary product of value through our reliable and durable solutions.  We will readily commit the necessary resources of our team to understand completely and respond effectively to the needs of our customers to lower their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their valued assets.

We understand the customer is our actual employer.  Our jobs are in jeopardy if we do not consistently deliver the highest quality product in strict accordance with our customer’s agenda that exceed our customer's expectations, every time. 


Our employees’ safety, professionalism, and advancement are the primary focus of our procedures, processes, and training.  Our achievements shall be benchmarked by our management; however, our true success will only be measured by our customers’ loyalty and preferences.

We will work to the fullest extent of our abilities, both individually and as a team, to render our customers only the best level of service, quality, and total value.

By our own choice, our Company will conduct its business in accordance with only the most ethical standards.  The integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness of our ownership, management, and every single employee, shall be beyond reproach.  We realize and accept that we are personally and collectively accountable for and by our customers, vendors and fellow employees.

We view this VALUES STATEMENT as our commitment to our customers to continually ask, listen, respond, and improve; our commitment shall be coached by our customers in order to set the standard of being better tomorrow than we were today by continually improving our business processes.